RMPM: Reference Material of medicinal Plant Material
In the western pacific region, while some raw materials of traditional medicine are same species, some are replaced with other species in same genus or family due to a geographical barrier during passing down to a neighboring country.
For example, the letter of Dang-gui(當歸) is different among member countries in the western pacific region, its pronunciation is the same or very close. Pharmacopoeia in each member countries has different species of Dang-gui shown in the table 1. Also, its specification and analysis method of these pharmacopoeias have not been harmonized.

Different Species of Dang-gui in various pharmacopoeias

- Angelica sinensis Angelica acutiloba Angelica gigas
Chinese Pharmacopoeia O
Japanese Pharmacopoeia O
Korean Pharmacopoeia O
Korean Herbal Pharmacopoeia O
Hong Kong Chinese Materia Medica Standards O
Vietnamese Pharmacopoeia O O
Taiwan Herbal Pharmacopoeia O
In addition, cosmetics, dietary supplements as well as traditional medicine using raw materials have been developed and sold in commerce. However, in the process of FTA most members had a consensus on common regional reference materials for quality control in 2012, 10th FHH Standing Committee Meeting, in Hanoi, Vietnam. FHH that is the only government network for traditional medicine in the western pacific region has promoted RMPM (Reference Material of medicinal Plant Material) project with A. gigas as the first case to support quality control in each member countries.