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The Working Group on Harmonization of Standards and Regulatory Framework of Herbal Medicines organized by the WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific met in Seoul, Korea, from 27 to 30 November 2001.

During the meeting of the Working Group, it was concluded that in order to ensure the uniformity of quality, safety and efficacy of the same herbal medicines in these and other Member States in the Region, there is a need for cooperation and harmonization of the standards and regulatory requirements.

As a step toward harmonizing various regulatory issues on Herbal Medicine of the Working Group, the Preparatory Committee of FHH consisting of representatives from China, Japan and Korea was set up for the preparation of the establishment of FHH.

The principal outcome of the Seoul meeting was to proceed with a planning and preparatory meeting in Beijing in March 2002.

The Operational Document was approved during the first meeting of the Standing Committee of the Western Pacific Regional Forum for the Harmonization of Herbal Medicines (FHH) on 9 March 2002 in Beijing, China.It has been operated as a basic document to guide activities of FHH. Any change on the Operational Document of FHH needs to be approved by the Standing Committee of FHH.

As of 2019, FHH held seventeen Standing Committee meetings and three Sub-Committees have been working in their specific fields.


The 18th Standing committee Meeting 25~26 February 2021, Online


The 17th Standing Committee Meeting 14~15 November 2019, Seoul, Korea

The 16th Standing Committee Meeting 30~31 October 2018, Tsukuba, Japan

The 15th Standing Committee Meeting 23~25 October 2017, Tokyo, Japan

The 14th Standing Committee Meeting 06~07 December 2016, Nanning, China

The 13th Standing Committee Meeting 10~11 December 2015, Hangzhou, China

The 12th Standing Committee Meeting 25~26 December 2014, Singapore

The 11th Standing Committee Meeting 22~23 Ootober 2013, Singapore

The 10th Standing Committee Meeting 27~28 Novermber 2012, Hanoi, Vietnam

The 9th Standing Committee Meeting 17~18 Novermber 2011, Hanoi, Vietnam

The 8th Standing Committee Meeting 28~29 October 2010, Hong Kong SAR, China


The 7th Standing Committee Meeting 26~27 November 2009, Hong Kong SAR, China

The 6th Standing Committee Meeting 03~05 November 2008, Seoul, Korea

The 5th Standing Committee Meeting 08 October 2007, Seoul, Korea

The 4th Standing Committee Meeting 16 October 2006, Tokyo, Japan

The 3th Standing Committee Meeting 29~30 June 2005, Tokyo, Japan

The 2th Standing Committee Meeting 20 September 2004, Shanghai, China

The 1th Standing Committee Meeting 26~28 Nov 2004, Shanghai, China

The 1st FHH Meeting 9 March 2002, Beijing, China

The Working Group Meeting on Harmonization of Herbal Medicine 9 March 2002, Beijing, China

The First Planning Committee Meeting 15 June 2001, Manila, Philippines